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USAMAL Baby Pageant

0-11 months                   Infant
12-23 months                 Baby
2 years                            Toddler
3-4 years                        Future Princess


This is a one-day pageant. It will be help January 14, 2023. The total for the USAMAL Baby Pageant is $125 and includes registration to required areas of competition, a photo package, and 1 chaperone ticket to finals.

Delegates in the USAMAL Baby Pageant will compete in 2 categories: Beauty and Photogenic. 

Delegates in the USAMAL Baby Pageant are not allowed to wear any makeup, hair extensions, wiglets, or falls.

Please bring 5x7 or 8x10 photographs with you to state pageant check-in. 

The stage area for the Baby Pageant Delegates will only be the back area, NOT the runway. Judges will be pulled closer to the stage. There will be a 45 second time limit for all delegates. There will not be any points deducted, but the emcee will announce your time is up around the 45 second mark. 

USAMAL Baby Pageant winners will not advance to the next level of competition. They will be treated as State Royalty with a photo shoot and gifts and appearances. There is not any non-compete clause, and they are allowed to compete and hold any other pageant titles. They will not be expected to come back and crown the next year. 

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